6.5" Poinsettias

2014 Christmas Poinsettia Price List Now Available


Our 2014 Christmas Poinsettia price list/flyer is now available. The poinsettia crop is looking great! Below are pictures of our 6.5″ poinsettias and some of the 10″ poinsettias. We’ve already started taking orders – for a copy of the price list or to place your order call 407-886-8682 or email [email protected] For sizes and colors, check out […]

Now Growing Succulents


We’re proud to announce that we are now growing a variety of 2″ and 4″ succulents. As this program gets started, we’ll have a limited availability, that will expand in the months to come. We’ll have a variety of echeveria and sempervivum varieties, and a a few aeonium, graptopetalum, sedum and senecio varieties. For availability […]